Eco Friendly Values

Inthira hotels and restaurants understand the importance of caring for the environment, and we are constantly working towards ‘best practice’ in all areas at the properties. Each property has a designated ‘Green Officer’.

Here is a list of what we do:

Save Water

We have a linen (both towels and sheets) reuse program in all guest rooms.

Save Electricity

The hotels and restaurants have made great progress in changing all light bulbs within the properties, to those that are energy saving where possible.

Recycled Paper

We print our documents on recycled paper.

Refill Bottle

We use bulk soap and shampoo in refillable dispensers.


We encourage our guests to participate in our programs

Inthira hotels and restaurants support the local community by hiring people who live in the area and buying locally produced products when possible.

Inthira hotels and restaurants is taking great steps to become a more environmentally aware business, and encourages its employees and suppliers to do the same.

To our guests, some simple measures to help us with our continued efforts could be:

  • Turn off lights or electrical items in your bedroom when not in use
  • Consider the usage of your towels during your stay
  • Avoid dripping taps

Adhering to our No Smoking Policy